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Motherhood Messes

I’m participating in another week of The Mother Blog’s #MotherhoodMonday series and this weeks topic is all about Motherhood Messes. This immediately made me think of all the things people don’t tell you about motherhood, especially the messy parts. From the moment of conception it’s all rainbows and butterflies. No one says good luck with the… Continue reading Motherhood Messes

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Raising a Fierce Daughter

I gave birth to a fierce tiny human. Actually, she was pretty fierce in utero, but she most definitely entered the world ready to take charge and be heard. She’s this tiny itty bitty thing, but so full of spunk and tenacity. Fearless and brave. Independent and willful. Determined and wild. While I love every… Continue reading Raising a Fierce Daughter

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Motherhood Misconceptions

I’ve decided to join a blog series called #MotherhoodMonday dreamed up by an equally addicted to coffee mugs that say things mama, The Mother Blog. The headliner on her blog reads, “I’m not a better mom than you.” so clearly I like her. Her series will continue for 12 weeks and cover a wide range of topics… Continue reading Motherhood Misconceptions

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Breast is not always best: my journey breastfeeding and weaning

As of last week, my daughter and I officially ended our breastfeeding relationship. She didn’t make it easy, just like she does with most things, but I was patient and consistent and we eventually got there. Just so everyone is clear, this blog has nothing to do with breastfeeding and everything to do with my… Continue reading Breast is not always best: my journey breastfeeding and weaning


Mommy & Me Mini Session with Lindsey V. Rivera Photography

My favorite part of Mother’s Day this year was by far this photo shoot with Lindsey V. Rivera Photography. It was so fun laughing and running with my tiny humans in this beautiful city we get to call home. Lindsey chose the perfect location in South Austin – Butler Park. Like seriously, how beautiful is that lush green… Continue reading Mommy & Me Mini Session with Lindsey V. Rivera Photography