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We’ve seen Tully – and we liked it.

Warning: I talk about details from the movie so spoilers are rampant. Additionally, this article contains information and opinion about maternal mental health and could be triggering. So today I saw the movie Tully with my girls from The Top Knot Squad. For those of you that don’t know, I started a podcast with two… Continue reading We’ve seen Tully – and we liked it.

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You + Me Mini Sesh with Laura Morsman Photography

It happened again. Laura Morsman made me cry. And stare. And smile. And cry. And stare some more. I got the gallery from our most recent mini sesh yesterday and I’m still swooning. All the heart eyes people. All of them. If you live under a rock and don’t know about the goddess of photographers,… Continue reading You + Me Mini Sesh with Laura Morsman Photography

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How girl scout cookies help you Mom AF

First of all I would like to thank the girl scouts of America for finally taking a fucking credit card. Who the hell still carries around cash? Let alone a checkbook. All I have lingering in the bottom of my purse overnight bag is some stale goldfish and a few hot wheels and those tiny green vested… Continue reading How girl scout cookies help you Mom AF

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Motherhood Messes

I’m participating in another week of The Mother Blog’s #MotherhoodMonday series and this weeks topic is all about Motherhood Messes. This immediately made me think of all the things people don’t tell you about motherhood, especially the messy parts. From the moment of conception it’s all rainbows and butterflies. No one says good luck with the… Continue reading Motherhood Messes

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Motherhood Miracles

This week I’m jumping back into The Mother Blog’s #MotherhoodMonday series. Her 12-week series features a new topic each week related to motherhood and it has provided me a wonderful community of mothers to connect with and learn from. I love it. If you’re interested in joining then give her a shout at We’re… Continue reading Motherhood Miracles

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Motherhood Misconceptions

I’ve decided to join a blog series called #MotherhoodMonday dreamed up by an equally addicted to coffee mugs that say things mama, The Mother Blog. The headliner on her blog reads, “I’m not a better mom than you.” so clearly I like her. Her series will continue for 12 weeks and cover a wide range of topics… Continue reading Motherhood Misconceptions