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Why would you want to dismantle a system that benefits you?

Before I dive in I’d like to address something. I am a white person attempting to write about racism. This is hard. I am not an expert. I haven’t lived this experience. I am a work in progress and I might fuck up and say the wrong thing, but I can’t be silent. These conversations… Continue reading Why would you want to dismantle a system that benefits you?

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Raising a Fierce Daughter

I gave birth to a fierce tiny human. Actually, she was pretty fierce in utero, but she most definitely entered the world ready to take charge and be heard. She’s this tiny itty bitty thing, but so full of spunk and tenacity. Fearless and brave. Independent and willful. Determined and wild. While I love every… Continue reading Raising a Fierce Daughter

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How Not to Raise an Asshole

Sometimes I lie awake at night thinking about how shitty our world is. How terrifying it is to raise tiny humans among the ignorance and hate. How little progress has actually been made and how divided our country stands on issues of equality and social justice. I constantly think about my tiny humans and the… Continue reading How Not to Raise an Asshole