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Last minute gifts for the badass women you love

Tis the season of forcing our children to sit on creepy old men’s laps and if you are like me, you are panicked with wtf to gift all the humans you love. Well in the spirit of procrastinating, I thought it would be worth my time to blog about what to gift the kickass women in your circle. *cough, cough* all these are appropriate to gift moi 😉

2017 has been a rough year. I think the Donald was just the beginning of women saying fuck this shit, I’m done. We tired. We deserve recognition. So lock it up y’all. Dudes of the world can start by gifting a little of your own patriarchy smashing, but in addition to eliminating that locker room talk, it would also be cool if you gifted your queens some of this lady boss swag. I’m just sayin.

Rad American Women

RAD am women

Replace your nightly nursery rhymes with a rad bedtime story for your lil feminists in training. This gem is not only excellent for your lady boss, but also appropriate for your kids teachers or even the ignorant parent your child goes to school with. My favorite page is the letter X. It’s for the women we haven’t leanred about yet, the women whose voices weren’t heard, and for the radical herstories that didn’t get recorded.

letter x

Feminist Icon Cross-stitch

cross stitch supplies

If I’m being honest, I still haven’t attempted to cross-stitch anything, but I really, really want to. This has to be an anxiety reducer, right? Cross-stitchers of the world,  does this prevent you from eating chocolate ice cream cones while you cry about the end of days? I’d imagine sewing Susan B. Anthony’s face has to make you forget you might not own your uterus for much longer.

The truth is my crafty friend was supposed to invite me over for wine and cross-stitching, but she never did so I just taped Susan in that circle thingy and fool people into thinking I’m a crafty bitch. Seriously though, how fucking cool is this book? A cross stitched Frida?!?! I need to get my life right so she can go on my wall.

Wire and Honey

fight like a girl

Nothing gets under my skin more than gender stereotypes. I’m still ragey about the 4 year old that told my son only girls can wear nail polish. And when parents tell me “boys will be boys” I want to ninja chop them in the groin. I’m sorry, but I just can’t get behind the message that boys get to use their gender as an excuse for being an asshole. My kid has a penis, but I don’t let that dictate how I raise him. Just raise good humans y’all. But also gift them rad t-shirts that give a big ass middle finger to the man. 😉

HonestAF cards

make shit happen

Turns out there is legitimate scientific research that suggests people who swear are smarter. Fuck yea I can do division. I can also get behind any gift with the F-word on it and Verna of Honest AF cards had the super smart idea to put all the obscenities in print. She even makes sweary Christmas wrap y’all. The more you swear, the more you know.


fierce like frida

WeeRascals believes the people kids see, shows them who they can be. Seeing as Frida Kahlo taught me all the shit about surviving, I’m gonna go ahead and say this ish is beyond true. I mean, I can’t really imagine my kids growing up, thinking back on their life, and saying, man that Elsa really inspired me to become *insert occupation* Disney has certainly upped their strong female lead game over the years, but if you ask me, I think my kid will a get a lot more from life if they idolize real humans that did real shit. So get those dreamers all the kickass shirts that say things about legit heroes. Bonus points, they also sell prints!

frida print

Merry Fucking Christmas y’all!



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