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The Courage to Become

Once upon a time my friend Catia asked me to contribute to her Courage to Become series. To be honest, I struggled writing this piece. She wanted me to share a story on how I blazed my own trail despite fear and doubt so I could become the woman I was meant to be. I threw together a small snippet of my life. A glimpse into the struggles I have navigated and the fear I have pushed through to get to now. It was hard to articulate, mostly because I feared it didn’t live up to Catia’s message.

me and catia.jpg

Let me be clear, Catia is a beautiful soul who exudes confidence and grace. She speaks her truth in a way that brings light and hope to those around her. It’s different from how I speak though. She’s a cupcake. Beautiful and creative. Joyful and colorful. But underneath she’s still a carb dropping heavy shit in your gut. I’m banana bread. Rotten bananas turned into a delicious brown log. A broken girl putting all her shit on blast. It’s not always pretty.

Ok so turns out I’m not so good at analogies, but the point is I compared. I internally debated if my words could live up to hers and I questioned if my story was becoming enough. Pun intended. But maybe that’s the point. The Courage to Become is all about navigating the human experience together. Sharing our stories, however scary that might feel, not only helps us unearth our own mess, but encourages us to connect with other humans navigating mess too.

courage to become group.jpg

I’m not sure I’m ever done becoming, but Catia helped me realize that each obstacle or hardship we navigate, fuels our spirit and enhances our ability to face the next chapter stronger. My crazy messy life has given me power and drive. My pain has fostered purpose. My raw and unapologetic reflections on surviving, remind me over and over again that I can struggle and still be good.

Fast forward a year later and Catia is doing things y’all. She’s becoming like a boss. SHE IS NOW A PUBLISHED AUTHOR! I feel compelled to remind y’all that we are franz. No big deal.

book succulent.jpeg

No in all seriousness, Catia has gradually been creating and giving and breathing life into her dreams. She bravely pushed through fear in order to share a message of hope and healing and it has been beautiful to watch. If you have ever stumbled along, you want to read her story. Even if you are messy AF like me, Catia can still remind you that you are worthy. You are plenty.

brave heart strong spirit.jpeg

You can find her book, The Courage to Become: Stories of Hope for Navigating Love, Marriage and Motherhood on Amazon, Kindle, Audible; Barnes and Noble; or iTunes. Be warned, it’s a page turner. The birth nerd in me got all wrinkled in the tub because I couldn’t stop reading her birth story!

No matter your stage of womanhood, Catia speaks to many of the transitions we face and invites us to delve deeper into our own stories. I appreciated the “Trail Journal” at the end of each chapter that gave space to reflect and create conversation. Go grab a copy quick!

“You are worthy of the life you seek”

~Catia Hernandez Holm 







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