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Treat Yo Self: How to Throw a Donut Party in 4 Easy Steps

Are you ready for the easiest, most affordable birthday party ever? I can’t take credit cause I totally stole this idea from my friend Jamie, so check out the double birthday party she threw her kiddos to see all my inspiration! I literally copied all the things and wanted to share how you can copy us both, step-by-step:

Step 1: Book your party date at Hat Creek Burger Company (dude, it’s FREE!)

hat creek

Step 2: Send out a FREE evite. Y’all, I’m not gonna lie, this step was hard for me. I love paper goods. They probably get my oxytocin flowing more than the business. Ok, that might be a stretch, but they make me happy. Really, really happy. I love designing them, sending them, receiving them, and maybe sometimes sniffing them. But y’all, those things are expensive AF. And postage. Holy hell. So this year I let my eye twitch with anxiety as I sent a good ole electronic invitation and you know what? It was fabulously refreshing! 10 times easier and definitely 10 times cheaper. Winning!


Step 3: Choose decorations! Honestly, this step isn’t technically necessary, but come on. Who doesn’t love paper products with sprinkles on them?! All the chalk board signs and banners were recycled from Rowan’s flamingo party last year. Seriously, if you look closely, you can tell I didn’t erase everything, only the portion I needed to, like changing a ‘2’ to a ‘3’ haha.

3 bannerwelcome signainsley donut3 balloonrowan coloringfavors

Step 4: Buy a shit ton of donuts! We had 40 humans RSVP and I was nervous about getting the right amount. I ordered 8 dozen and we came home with 2 dozen so I clearly could have been more conservative, but I would always rather more food than less. I also supplied juice boxes and mandarin oranges (exactly like my friend Jamie did haha!) and then reminded all the sugar haters that Hat Creek serves breakfast till 10:30am. 🙂

donutsdonut cakehappy bday donuts

So there ya have it, easy peasy and stress free! Plus Hat Creek has a playground and giant ass fan that keeps everyone happy and cool 🙂 You might just see this party on repeat for the next few years!

group pic
They were real cooperative for this group pic.

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