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How to Thank a Doula During World Doula Week (or any other time in life)!

Did you hear? It’s World Doula Week!! Don’t know what a doula is? Well we can’t be friends. I’m just kidding (kinda). If you still don’t know what a doula is then go read some stuff and come back. If you do know what a doula is and you love them as much as I do then keep reading for some ideas on how to show those sexy hip squeeze masters some love this week!

Send gifts!

After our son’s birth, we sent our doula a thank you card with straight cash inside cause holy moly did we put her through birth hell. I labored for 3 days and she never left our side. We wanted to honor her commitment to our birth and sending a “bonus” is what felt right for us. I know this might sound crazy to some of y’all, but doulas are notoriously underpaid for their service and compensating them properly is one huge way to show gratitude for their hard work.

If cash sounds completely bananas to you, then consider other gifts. I’m obsessed with these gift baskets from Heart 2 Heart Store. I would ship my pants if someone sent me a gift basket. Gift baskets seem like a lost art y’all. Let’s make them a thing again! What about this bomb diggity mug I found on Mugsby? Stick a Starbucks gift card in there and your doula will guaranteed do a happy dance.

doula mug
It’s a pun y’all. Doulas don’t do medical things.

The truth is you don’t have to spend any money to express gratitude to a doula (or anyone for that matter). A simple heart felt thank you card or squishy baby photo can do wonders for an overworked doula. And for the love, add your doula to your Christmas card list. I don’t know anyone that opens up a Christmas card and doesn’t start sweating joy.

Overall, doulas love keeping in touch with their clients and maintaining the relationship is one simple way to show how grateful you are for their support. Plus keeping in touch also means you are more likely to reach out with baby number two (or three or whatever) and guess what? Doulas LOVE REPEAT CLIENTS 🙂

Support sustainability!

This ones important y’all. Like most helping professions, doula-ing requires LOTS of hours for very LITTLE pay. But it doesn’t have to be this way. In fact, I wrote a whole nother blog about how doulas gotta pay bills too. It’s juicy, go read it. But seriously, having a doula at your birth comes with a multitude of benefits and if you felt the value in their presence then share your experience!!!

Write a review on your doulas website or social media. Tell your friends repeatedly not only about the benefits of a doula, but also about how much the investment is worth every penny. When people post in community groups asking for doula recs, recommend your doula! When you spread the word about a doulas worth, they get all the warm and fuzzies. And more importantly they get to stay in a career that can support their family.

Support the future of the profession!

Doula-ing is a rewarding yet exhausting career that requires being on-call and on-point for often days at a time. The benefits of doula care are proven time and again, but if we don’t support sustainability and advocate for changes within the birthing community as a whole, then the future of the profession could be in jeopardy.

Show your gratitude by supporting legislation that allows women to receive compassionate, ethical care and that supports a woman’s right to birth or feed her baby the way she chooses. Donate to a local non-profit (Like GALS) that supports the community by providing doula care to women with little or no support. Donate a relevant book to your local library so that future doulas can become trained without breaking the bank or so a mother can become more informed about her options. Strengthening the birthing community reaps benefits for everyone involved, from doulas and other support professionals all the way to the mamas doing the actual hard birthing work 🙂

Were you supported by a doula? Did you value their presence at your birth? Show them and the profession as a whole a little love this week! Happy World Doula Week to all the badass doulas out there. Thank you for your heart and hard work.

doula training
Getting trained by the BEST Doulas!





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