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Why self-care should be a thing

ecocentric mom box

I recently received a gift box from Ecocentric Mom and it got me thinking about the ways we engage in self-care. Self-care is so important, but it also seems to be this bizarre concept that is misunderstood for being selfish or extravagant. Well I’m here to tell you, that shit is necessary for survival y’all!

I think self-care can be a struggle throughout our lives, but it seems to be even more difficult to attain as mothers. There’s this idea that we have to be and do all the things. And if we don’t then we aren’t good enough. We might be judged by others, or worse judge ourselves for failing to meet the standards of motherhood.

Sometimes though I don’t feel normal when it comes to the self-care struggle. I’m definitely not a pro at self-care and I have many moments where I push myself too far or take on more than I should, but I also live for moments for me. Seriously, I need breaks or I would literally have a mental breakdown.

This is where I don’t feel like the norm. Sometimes I feel like the only mother that likes being away from her kids. This doesn’t mean I don’t love them or miss them when I am away, but I will never say no to an opportunity to take a break. In fact I probably step away multiple times a week. Whether it’s dinner with friends, a date night, a blog event, or a social justice related community event, there is literally something on my calendar every single week.

If I’m not getting out of the house then I’m implementing self-care in other ways. The hubs and I frequently switch off doing bedtime so the other can take a bubble bath (me) or play video games (him). We do the same on weekends and trade off mornings to sleep-in. Sometimes I spend naptime (this is a big IF these days) working or doing laundry, but other times I lay the eff down. And on days when naptime ends up being pull my hair out time? Well you might just find me hiding in the bathroom with a couple Reese’s peanut butter eggs while my kids watch all the Paw Patrol.

Again, I know this doesn’t seem to be the norm for every mother and that’s ok. We don’t all need the same things to feel recharged, but what I don’t think is ok is ignoring those needs completely. Every human needs self-care. Mother or not you need it in some way shape or form and if you deny yourself that respite then life will definitely catch up to you. So I challenge all the mamas (and papas) to think about the ways you implement self-care. What feels good for you and feeds your soul? Is it reading a book? Meditating? Solo Target runs?

The point is it doesn’t have to be something huge. Small acts of self-love can go a long way and there are simple ways to implement that into our lives. If you are struggling with a way to get started then I encourage you to check out Ecocentric Mom. They have monthly gift boxes geared towards healthier mamas where you can indulge in natural, eco-friendly products that help you feel good from the inside out. They are quite literally wellness delivered to your door.

Whether you’re a mom-to-be, a new mom, or have kids of any age, your box will contain goodies intentionally selected for your stage of motherhood. My box this month included hand balm, a face mask, and CHOCOLATE! Plans start at $22 per month and boxes contain a minimum $40 retail value making self-care not only convenient, but also affordable. So go forth mamas. Love on yourselves. Cause when you do, everyone else will feel the love too.

ecocentric mom box insides
Chocolate is derived from a “superfruit” so basically I’m healthy AF.


*This post was sponsored, but as always all opinions are my own.


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