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Kids are gross: Remedy urgent care can help!

I’m about to blow your minds with a kickass service available in the Austin area! As moms we all know kids are gross. They touch all the germs all the live long day and come home with the nastiest snot filled viruses in all the land. When this happens over a weekend or holiday (like it usually does, let’s be real) you pack up your clingy, feverish, possibly puking child and bring them to urgent care. It’s never an easy process and everyone is cranky and tired and just wants to be at home in bed. Cue Remedy Urgent Care!

People, that’s a real life doctor in my dang driveway!

Y’all, THEY COME TO YOUR HOUSE!!!!!!!! That’s right, they are a mobile urgent care. They work just the same as a normal urgent care, except they come directly to you and your family. It’s like some Dr. Quinn medicine woman shit. Amazing!!!! Even the billing works the same. They accept most major insurances so they bill them directly and you pay your co-pay the regular old fashioned way. You simply pay a $49 dispatch fee for the amazing convenience of not having to leave your home!

Remedy is available 7 days a week (even holidays) from 8am-8pm and can treat most common illnesses as well as handle labs, minor injuries, yearly physicals and they even have a pediatrician on staff that can come to your home for your kiddos well checks. They also contract with a mobile imaging service should you need x-rays! How cool is that?! Um genius!

My brave dude getting his flu shot.

We recently decided to use them for our yearly flu vaccines. Using their service was a breeze. I called (you can also easily book online), gave them my basic info, and less than 10 minutes later they called to let me know a doctor and assistant were headed to my house. Y’all, my kids were eating lunch at the dining room table while the doctor gave me and the hubs our shots. He was so good about talking through everything he was doing so the kids weren’t scared. One minute my kid is munching on an apple and the next he’s in my lap getting his flu shot. Nuts! Of course there were still some tears after the prick, but the doctor was so sweet and caring and let each of the kiddos choose a treat afterwards.

Those little stuffed animals are actually stuffed viruses. Dude picked ecoli haha.
Seriously y’all, this service is freaking genius, especially for busy parents. I can’t stress enough how easy and incredible our entire experience was. We will definitely be using them again! If you want to learn more you can find Remedy on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. If you would like to try them for your own family’s flu shots then use the code:
NOFLU for $25 OFF your dispatch fee!




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