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How to parent like a boss at a stroller party

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I recently had the opportunity to attend a “stroller party” (Rowan’s nickname for the event) hosted by Austin Moms Blog and Britax where everyone got to test out the new Britax 2017 B-Ready Stroller. Keep reading for my review on not only the stroller, but also my questionable excellent parenting skills.

As brand new parents (almost 4 years ago, gah!) we actually purchased the B-Ready system knowing it would grow with our family and this 2017 version is an absolute upgrade in everyway. Don’t get me wrong, our previous version has definitely stood the test of time and once we added girlfriend to the mix, it seamlessly transitioned from a single to double, but it was also kind of a monster. Heavy and extremely difficult to open and collapse, I used to joke it required a degree in metaphysics to operate. The 2017 B-Ready is lighter, more maneuverable and could definitely be operated by my 3 year old. I immediately jumped for joy when I realized how much more easily it opened and collapsed. Even more, it doesn’t require you to remove seats when breaking it down! Winner winner chicken dinner!

Girlfriend loved the thing at home. She wanted to sit in it completely reclined back (yes, this bad boy has multiple reclining positions for your kiddos demanding comfort needs) and barked at me to “stroll” her around the kitchen 12 million times. Of course when we arrived at the stroller party though she saw these bad boys and only wanted to ride the sugar train:


Case in point, she doesn’t want shit to do with her stroller anymore and instead has her eye on some “pupcakes”:


I let girlfriend go to town on a mound of icing and listened as the Britax rep demonstrated some of the other awesome features. Think full coverage canopy (literally blocks girlfriends entire face from the sun), a million different seat configurations (front facing, rear facing, bassinet, car seat, one facing in/one facing out), and a MASSIVE storage basket. I actually got to test the storage basket immediately after the event when I decided on a whim to go buy every single pumpkin item in Trader Joes. That thing was a legit abyss of space. I mean my TJ’s bill was $100 and every single item my thighs didn’t need fit nice and cozy below my girl while she devoured a pumpkin cookie, I mean fruit. It was a fruit shaped cookie at least. Wait, is a pumpkin a fruit?

Anywho, at some point everyone wanted a picture of the mamas and their babies. Cue sugar crash meltdown from the cupcake queen. She did not want to leave this spot:


Of course I did the only logical thing and let her eat another cupcake in our brand new beautifully clean stroller:


Please meet (from left to right) Aimee, Alfa, and Kimberly. As you can see none of their children require processed foods in order to sit in the stroller. One of us is definitely doing it right.

Girlfriend decided she was full enough after her second cupcake and spent the rest of her time pushing the stroller dangerously close to a big hill that met a busy road. She maneuvered that thing like a boss and even successfully Facebook live bombed the AMB crew.


Overall this stroller is the perfect fit for our family. The main seat can fit a kid up to 55 lbs (good news for my 99 percentile son) and the second seat accommodates a kid up to 35 lbs. The stacked alignment makes it a breeze to tote around my fuegos (we also have a side by side BOB double jogging stroller and that ish does NOT fit through all doorways). Even when the hubs convinces me over one too many margaritas that a third child is a smart life decision, we can then replace one of the seats with a click and go Britax car seat. The rep even mentioned that a toddler stand is set to release in the near future so without a doubt this baby can be configured no matter your needs. It’s seriously the best.

A huge thank you to Austin Moms Blog and Britax for sponsoring girlfriends first stroller party. She had a blast! And if anyone was wondering how many cupcakes it takes for your kid to have diarrhea, well the answer is 3.


*Please note that Britax sent me a stroller and second seat, but ALL opinions in this post are my own. 

2 thoughts on “How to parent like a boss at a stroller party

  1. omg you kill me and so does little miss thang!!! If I was in the market for another stroller you may have sold me… but that would require having another kid which is… well… no. never.

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