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How to Plan a Baby Shower in a Hot Second

Step 1: Drink wine.


Step 2: Pin all the things.

wp_ss_20160506_0004Step 3: Drink more wine.

wine meme
Sorry, Geetha!

Step 4: Make a shower outline. This step is only necessary if you are an organized, list-making control freak. If you are these things then an outline will do wonders for your anxiety. Only problem is it will also maybe make the other hosts hate you a little lot.


Step 5: Read your shower outline about 6 more times. Smile with satisfaction at what an organized badass you are.

Step 6: Abandon your husband with screaming tiny humans so you can slowly sip on a caramel macchiato and buy aisles 5-9 of Target. Well hello there patterned paper goods.

Step 7: Ignore child labor laws and enlist all able bodies to roll up tiny diapers.


Step 8: Just kidding, husbands and tiny humans don’t know how to do anything right. Instead, stay up all the live long night crafting diaper cakes and cutting paper elephants. Be sure to obsessively rotate the diapers at various angles until they are sitting just exactly the same way they were the first time you rubberbanded them together.

Step 9: Look at your shower outline again to see the progress you’ve made.

Step 10: Cry.

Congratulations! Somehow by the grace of God, wine, good friends with bomb handwriting, and extremely patient husbands, you have successfully pulled off the most beautiful Jungle themed baby shower you’ve ever seen.

Here’s proof:


Cake: Cake d’Arte

Animal nursery prints: Etsy

Price is Right Game: Frugal Fanatic

Thank you tags: Etsy

Jungle Themed (1)

One thought on “How to Plan a Baby Shower in a Hot Second

  1. remember the time you’re hilarious? I do.
    Seriously, we are the same person cause, wine. Also, I make lists like that, then forget them and panic at the last second (and drink wine and cry). But it always works out (okay, usually). You not only pulled it off but made a pinterest worthy party, so ya, you’re amazing.

    Simply Shaunacey

    Liked by 1 person

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