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Little & Mighty Guest Blog – Live Loud Live Wild

You guys. I’m like a school girl right now giddy with excitement. When the opportunity to write a guest piece for Little and Mighty came about, I was like hell to the yea!!

This blogging world is a funny thing. So many rules on what to do and how to be awesome. A world of unbelievable amounts of connection and support, but also a really, really big world FULL of A TON of badass voices. It may be supportive, but it’s also hella competitive. It’s been a journey in itself navigating it all and choosing my purpose among the chaos. No matter how overwhelming it can sometimes feel to swim in the vast ocean of blogging, I always remind myself to just keep swimming. I started this journey to write. To share my soul and hopefully reach someone else in the world enduring a similar experience.

This is probably another post all on it’s own, but the point I’m trying to make is putting my heart into words helps me thrive. It helps me grow and heal and inspires me to give more and love more and be better. Which is exactly the core of my message in my guest post Live Loud Live Wild. It’s a glimpse at one of my many mantras in livin and lovin. A window into the way I parent and the hopes I have for my babies and their own adventures and greatness to come!

Go take a looksie! 🙂

“I hope your adventures will help you discover all the ways you can give and do good. I hope your journey will facilitate growth and healing. I hope you find ways to be mighty and feel inspired. But most of all I hope you learn to live loud and live wild and never take this life we are given for granted.”

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4 thoughts on “Little & Mighty Guest Blog – Live Loud Live Wild

  1. We are creatively driven as bloggers. I had the thought the other day during some self reflection “emotional and creative expressions make my soul happy” so I totally relate to thriving on what we love doing! Congrats on the guest post and I can’t wait to check it out!


  2. Thanks so much for always being a badass that I love to read! Making your voice heard can be challenging for many reasons but I hope that you will keep swimming and doing what you do best tellin it like it is!


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