Bluebonnet mini session

I’m from Louisiana so bluebonnet pics are not something I grew up knowing about. When Texas became my home, I caught on pretty quickly that if you wanted to be cooler than cool, then you needed to squat near some bluebonnets come springtime. It was just required. Well being the rebel I was, I said eff that noise and never got my obligatory bluebonnet photo. Instead I made fun of my friends and drank wine while hysterically laughing at all the people pooping on bluebonnets.

That is until I had kids. As a parent, my FB feed lit up like a Christmas tree with all the tiny humans chillin in some bluebonnets and all of a sudden I desperately needed my kids to frolic in some weeds too. I was like sweating from anxiety about my child’s need to have a damn bluebonnet photo. So naturally, I forced them to wear fancy clothes and comb their hair so I could jump around like an insane person yelling and trying my hardest to make them act like they were happy to be sitting completely still in the great outdoors.

Actually, girlfriend spent the first 20 minutes of our 30 minute session giving exactly zero fucks. Case in point:


Luckily, I had a great photographer, Sarah from Sincerely, Sarah Photography, and she came prepared for the madness. When I say prepared, I mean woman had legit tools (um hello bubbles and marshmallows!) to make even the fiercest of tiny humans climb outta their stroller and maybe actually smile once or twice.

In all seriousness though, Sarah is a delightfully kind and warm human being who has an unbelievable amount of patience and ease around littles. I may have been sweating bullets, but she was cool, calm and collected and somehow managed to capture all this beauty in the chaos. Thank you Sarah!!!

04.04.16 Rory & Rowan's Bluebonnet Session-0001View More: Rory & Rowan's Bluebonnet Session-0005View More: More: More: Rory & Rowan's Bluebonnet Session-001204.04.16 Rory & Rowan's Bluebonnet Session-0014View More: Rory & Rowan's Bluebonnet Session-0019View More:

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