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Austin Moms Blog – Adulting is Hard

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Adulting is hard. This was my very first piece published by Austin Moms Blog and while I wrote it from a light hearted, make you laugh at the silliness of life perspective, I’ve come to realize so much more encompasses the struggles of adulting. Adulting is sometimes so much more than hard. It’s effing intense. It’s messy and tragic. It’s broken backs and losing loved ones. It’s nurturing and loving and giving and not sleeping. But more than anything it’s living.

Adulting might not be easy, but it means we are living and breathing and creating a legacy with the ones we love. Hold those babies a little longer and a hell of a lot tighter tonight. Count your blessings and practice gratitude, even the messy I loathe adulting bits. And go read my blog and have a little laugh 😉

“Adulting. It’s tough work, but I wouldn’t trade my gold fish infested minivan for an amaretto sour any day.”

This one’s for you Bede. May I rock this adulting thing the way you did. You were a badass woman and grandma and we love you oh so much!


4 thoughts on “Austin Moms Blog – Adulting is Hard

  1. Would you like to know one of my most favorite things about you? (I’m assuming you said yes.) It is your ability to find a reason to smile and keep going, to dig down deep and bring forth laughter in the pain. Though we’ve only just met — and I’m SO glad for that, by the way — I can sense this about you, and it is wonderful. That adulting article was hilarious!! I admire your spirit in giving us all a much needed Monday laugh on a day that was so much rougher than just a normal Monday for you. I know what a piece of your legacy is going to be: bringing lots of joy to this crazy, messy, heartbreaking world. You’re special, friend. Keep going.


  2. Girl, you’ve got that right! Adulting is so FREAKING hard! Someday’s I don’t know if I can muster up the courage and strength to get through it! So thankful I’m not alone!!


  3. I mean. I can’t even tell you how spot on you are! Adulting sucks sometimes and I just want to hide, but you are right, I wouldn’t trade my life for anything!! I am sorry about your loss, but I love that you are able to find joy and peace during this time. Thank you for the HILARIOUS article! I am so glad I stopped by! xo


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