One-year Blogaversary!

In case you missed it, my one-year blogaversary was Saturday and I got to celebrate baller style with a big ass balloon and an adorbs maxi dress in my backyard. It was the party of the century y’all. Unfortunately only one person showed up and it was a grumpy #instagramhusband who knows shit about taking good photos.

Blogaversary 2

PinkBlush Boutique recently approached me to style one of their cute dresses for women and I was all like hell yea sign me up yesterday! Only problem is I may or may not have googled the phrase “style”. My idea of styling something involves some dry shampoo and fabric that’s 100% spandex.

Nah, there is the rare occasion where I ditch the yoga pants and top knot and try to look fancy pants for that sexy lumberjack of mine. But what mama has time to shop? Ha, I certainly don’t. The last time I set foot in a mall, my son escaped the fitting room and I was forced to chase him down. In my underwear. Good times. That experience turned me into an exclusive online shopper so it’s always exciting to find new trendy boutiques online.

PinkBlush didn’t disappoint either. They are a women’s online boutique that carries everything from dresses and jeans to accessories and sleepwear! They even have a plus size and maternity line so they cater to all women in various walks of life. Navigating their site was a breeze and I found myself wanting all the things. Did I mention they also have FREE shipping in the US??? Winner winner chicken dinner!

I ended up settling on this Black Lace Top Floral Chiffon Bottom Maxi Dress cause swoon. I’m wearing it in size large for anyone needing that reference and it fits just perfect. It gives the illusion that my boobs haven’t been destroyed by tiny human eaters and the empire waist is a postpartum belly pooches dream.

New Image
It took about 23 clicks before #instagramhusband noticed my balloon was backwards.

Now that I’ve made you green with maxi dress envy, I’m excited to announce you can also ShopPinkBlush with a $50 gift card they are providing to one very lucky follower of mine!


To enter my giveaway be sure to follow me on Instagram and like the giveaway post below. You can also snag an extra entry by tagging a friend in the post. Giveaway is open until Thursday, March 17 (St. Patty’s Day!!!). I will announce the winner Friday morning on IG!

blogaversary giveaway

*Please note that PinkBlush sent me a free dress and provided a $50 gift card to one lucky lady, but ALL opinions in this post are my own. 

2 thoughts on “One-year Blogaversary!

  1. I love PinkBlush. Almost all of my maternity clothing came from there, as it’s the only stuff that’s both cute and comfortable and moderately affordable (especially with all the sales).


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