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Motherhood Miracles


This week I’m jumping back into The Mother Blog’s #MotherhoodMonday series. Her 12-week series features a new topic each week related to motherhood and it has provided me a wonderful community of mothers to connect with and learn from. I love it. If you’re interested in joining then give her a shout at We’re in week 5 of the series and the topic this week is  #MotherhoodMiracles.

a surprising and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is therefore considered to be the work of a divine agency.

Motherhood is choc full of surprising and welcome events. Ya know, going to the bathroom alone, finishing a load of laundry, getting to all the places. On time. Ugh. Mostly though the idea of actually creating, growing and birthing humans is like the miracle of all miracles. I created life. Twice. That’s just insane. Or miraculous. Same diff.

I mostly think of the term miracle though when giving myself a pat on the back because everyone is still breathing at the end of the day. When our son was a newborn my husband looked at me and asked how I thought we were doing. My response was awesome. We’re all alive. Duh. I’m surprised I could even generate a sarcastic response with all the sleep deprivation. Miracle!

Whatever the case, raising tiny humans isn’t easy. There’s no instruction manual and surviving each stage while also managing to mold decent humans, is the most divine intervention there is. It’s straight holy work. It’s this extraordinary paradox that pulls me in so many different directions. An identity that consumes me and makes me feel immense joy and love, yet at the same time completely drains me and makes me feel neglected and overwhelmed.

As mothers, it’s a miracle if we achieve balance between it all. Loving our children while also loving ourselves and the person we were before we even started the journey. So how do we do it? How do we achieve balance? How do we show ourselves love? I think these are crucial questions in the journey of motherhood and unless we are purposeful in granting ourselves the grace to nurture and feed our own souls, then it’s only inevitable that the strain will begin to seep into our mothering.

I feed my soul in lots of different ways. Date nights, girls nights, just plain ole me nights. Sometimes I wake up before my kids and drink my coffee before the chaos. I write, I connect, and find solace in friends and mamas who think and feel things I feel. I put time and effort into my career and dream up things for my future. I spend time on my health and take barre3 classes. I read books or blogs or mindlessly scroll social media. I could keep going, but mostly I carve out time in my day or week to do something that brings me joy and makes me better.

It’s definitely been a process. An imperfect process with plenty of stumbles and setbacks, but a process I refuse to deny myself. In the end, anything I do for myself means I’m doing everything for my children. The more I’m fulfilled, the more I mother them at my fullest capacity and the more they will witness and learn the value of grace and self-love.

Be sure to check out all the other mamas that participated this week!

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3 thoughts on “Motherhood Miracles

  1. We used the same definition! HA! I think this was still full of your humor despite what you think. Your posts are always a joy to read. I have a great appreciation for dry humor because I am a closet dry humorist.


  2. You, me, and Lisa all used the same definition! lol! Such a great post. My baby is 12 months now, and I’m finally at that point where I’m finding a good balance. I know a year is a long time, but it’s a miracle that it happened at all! lol. Then with my next baby, I’ll start the whole finding balance thing all over again!


  3. Finding a balance is always a struggle, but I’m learning that it is important. I’ve learned to reach out to others more to get the rest I need so I can be the wife my husband and the mom my sons need me to be.


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