Thursday Tips: Hold The Judgement, Sub A Side Of Compassion

This blog is beautiful. I was telling a friend the other day about a famous chef (I can’t remember his name) that says parents are to blame for picky eaters. How America is the only country with picky eaters. How in Europe they don’t have kids menus or processed foods. For the most part, I completely agree. But I also have a picky eater and I know too well the feelings and struggles and pull my hair out bad days where he’s thrown the 12th strawberry I’ve tried giving him to the dog. That’s effort and money wasted (especially when buying organic) and the last thing I need in those moments is to be judged. That doesn’t inspire me to keep trying. Compassion is what gives me more strength and empowers me to keep going. And this doesn’t just relate to food. This applies to every aspect of motherhood so today I encourage you to think about a mother you’ve judged (we’ve all done it so don’t pretend you are Mother Theresa) and find a way to show her compassion, love and strength. Tell her what a great job she’s doing and let her know she is not alone. She deserves it just as much as you do. ❤


apple heart compassionParents of picky eaters often get judged. Judged for not having their kids try enough foods or managing mealtime behaviors, judged for not doing ‘it’ (mealtimes, snacks, discipline etc…) the way someone else has done it or heard it should be done or seen it work.

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