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Thanks a Latte Teachers!

So turns out this week is teacher appreciation week for those of you like me that didn’t notice. My bad.

teacher appreciation 2


I’m not a complete asshole though I promise. After a toddler stomach bug fiasco followed by half of my family recovering from double ear infections (Rowan) and sinus infection (myself), my mombie brain just couldn’t keep up. So I did what any mama would do at the last-minute – a free printable gift card holder! Last year I used this adorable “Thanks a Latte” printable for Rory’s daycare teachers.


I happened to still have the file saved in my CVS photo account online so 3 clicks later and it was waiting for me to pick-up. You obviously don’t have access to my CVS account so after some googling I found the download on Skip to my Lou. This isn’t where I remembered finding it over a year ago and I searched high and low for the original post/designer, but I suppose a free printable can be found all over.

Whatever the case, this gift could not be any easier. I literally did this on the way to/in the parking lot of dudes school today and the whole process took like 20 minutes (10 of which was me driving to his school). I also snagged the gift cards in the Starbucks drive thru which saved me from the hassle of having to carry a baby in and out of the store. Winning! Bonus points also go to the CVS photo man who GAVE me four 5×7 white envelopes. Extra Winning!

So here’s what you need:

  1. FREE Printable – found here (I printed at CVS, but you can do that anywhere, even at home if you have a color printer!)
  2. Starbucks gift cards (drive-thru saves you even more time!)
  3. Starbucks coffee sleeves (the nice barista should give you these no problem)
  4. Tape
  5. Sharpie
  6. 5x 7 Envelopes (if you’re lucky like me, the CVS guy might give you these for FREE!)

What to do:

  1. Print FREE printable (if printing at CVS like me, be sure to select a 5×7 print).
  2. Tape coffee sleeve just above “a latte”. You also want to tape the bottom of the sleeve shut so the gift card won’t fall thru.
  3. Insert gift card into top of coffee sleeve.
  4. Sign your kiddos name on the “from” line (I used a sharpie).
  5. Stuff in envelope and voila! Easy peasy, last-minute, super fast teacher appreciation gift DONE!

thanks a latte gram

My in the car crafting skills.

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